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Corporate Road Shows – Multi-Vehicle

It may be that your team needs to attend a conference or a corporate event and requires various pickups from different locations, be it an airport or an international train station.  We will coordinate all of your team’s arrival pickups as required and transport them to their desired destination. Our chauffeurs will remain on hand and wait at an agreed location, before proceeding to take the team to the next appointment.

Designated Chauffeurs

Should your corporate event be over the course of a number of days, we will assign the most suitable chauffeurs and vehicles to you and your team. The chauffeurs will be happy to take instructions from you and accommodate any changes to the schedules as they arise. You will be able to benefit from the flexibility and comfort of having our chauffeured cars on standby.

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I’m the VP of Safety Operations for Tanium, a tech company in San Francisco, and I’ve been travelling to London as part of a security detail with the executives at our company for over 4 years now.  The team at Coralia has been my only source of transport that I use while in London.  They are extremely knowledgeable about the city and very well connected to help us get reservations even at the last minute.  They have never once been late and provide the best level of transportation service in any country that we travel to.  They work closely with my team to deal with all the changes that come with our schedule and are always responsive and professional through it all.  The cars are always meticulously maintained, and we always arrive in style whether we are in the Bentley, Mercedes or Range Rover.  This is my most trusted professional vendor.  100% confidence in Coralia.

Brooks E. Scott VP, Safety Operations at Tanium

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