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As Directed Hire

We are happy to accommodate all your transportation needs and should your schedule include a number of meetings and require flexibility, book one of our cars on an hourly basis with a minimum from as little as 4 hours. The minimum hire times vary depending on the type of booking required. Select your vehicle and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the car and Chauffeur are there for you.

Designated Chauffeur

Should your “as directed” hire be over the course of a number of days, we will assign the most suitable Chauffeur and vehicle to you and ensure he or she remains with you throughout your stay, so that you have one less thing to worry about.We will take you to your destinations and remain at your disposal so that you can benefit from the flexibility and comfort of having our chauffeured cars on standby.

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I cannot but recommend Coralia to anyone who is looking for more than just a chauffeur in London. As Executive Assistant to the CEO, I have never found a better service to assist the manager I work for. With the busy schedule of a CEO being an ultimate planning challenge, requiring prompt departures and very tight transfer times, over the seven years that we have relied on Ofer and Coralia, I can testify that he never missed an appointment.

Trustworthy, always reliable and distinctly professional, Ofer accompanied Marco and his family through daily tasks, printing documents, scheduling lunches, and acting like a second assistant on wheels. And he always did so in polished, latest model cars, and always with a smile. I would therefore choose Coralia, over again, without any doubt.

Laura Parisotto, Executive Assistant to the CEO, SNAM

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